Official Correspondence and Business Documents

I have an extensive background in business writing, marketing, and official correspondence. Combined with my background in construction and technology, I have the unique ability to provide writing with detail and technical clarity. However, your message must also be delivered with creativity and in a way that can be understood by the majority. I can do that, too.

Not Just For Business

Business writing isn’t just corporate. Business writing includes any official writing, correspondence, or documentation. That can refer to ad copy, business advertising materials, website content, corporate periodicals, and newsletters, but it can also refer to personal correspondence, speeches, research writing, and much more.

Write For Your Audience

Business writing must be written in a language that appeals to your audience. Syntax and level of formality may differ depending on whether your writing is directed at blue collar workers, a community group, a CEO, a lawyer, your boss, or professor. Your message has to be clearly understood by your target, and at a level that keeps them interested so that they can focus on the message.